Internationally Acclaimed Medium & Clairvoyant and Past Life Regressionist

Based in Australia, Kerry has been working & studying in the spiritual field for over 30 years. Her extensive travels around the world have provided her with clients from all pockets of the globe... along with many interesting stories currently being authored into her new book.

Kerry connects with the Spirit realms and passes on loving messages, bringing comfort and a sense of peace to those grieving for loved-ones. Connecting with Spirit often brings new insights into an individual’s journey, making life’s experiences more rewarding. Her unique depth of connection and compassion ensures that the messages from her readings have the highest truth and integrity.

Kerry has had her gift all of her life, and continues to this day to still be excited by how Spirit works. She enjoys helping others achieve a sense of well-being and connecting to Spirit themselves.

Book in via email for a personal Clairvoyant reading, Past Life Regression, or any one of the other modalities that can best help serve you.

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Kerry Lewis-Levitt
Medium Clairvoyant
Past Life Regressionist

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Services and Modalities

  • Clairvoyance
  • Spirit Communication
  • Past Life Regression
  • Channelling
  • Numerology
  • Astral Travel
  • Pet Communications
  • Photo & Orb Readings
  • Dream Interpretations
  • Massage Therapy Readings
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki & Body Energy Therapy
  • Spiritual Counselling & Mentoring
  • Space Cleansing
  • Remote Viewing
  • Psychometry
  • EFT & Energy Psychology
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Workshops coming soon

Spirit Communication

Communicating with Spirit can happen anytime, anywhere either subjectively or objectively and is provided via psychic faculties such as Clairvoyance (Seeing/visual), Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairsentience (sensing/feeling), Clairolfactrience (smelling/fragrance) and Clairknowing (a deepening of any of the above).

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Past Life Regressions

Everyone, at some time or another, wonders if they have been here before, and many feel an inexiplicable knowing and memory of being in a certain country, or time period... often with very vivid memories.

With past life regressions, you can discover insights into where and how your soul has lived before. It is a fascinating journey, and one of the many benefits it provides you in this lifetime is gaining a better understanding of who you are.

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I personally feel like it was such a blessing to be able to meet you and share your gifts, wisdom, and insight. Because of your healing, I am feeling much better in a variety of ways and I thank you for sharing your love.
The entire experience has really changed how I feel about myself and the way I walk the world.
Thank you.

Tracine Saulters
Indiana, USA

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